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Success Stories


Anger Management Success





In the first several sessions, verbalized his resentment of having to attend the sessions; however, he eventually became acclimated to the sessions and expectations.  He eventually became a positive participant in discussions and activities, and expressed that he is going to miss the sessions.




Became an active participant in session discussions and activities after attending 2 sessions.  On several occasions she verbalized her appreciation for the sessions and how much she has learned.



Stated that the format, concept, and environment of the class was not what he expected, and he was pleasantly surprised. He thought it would be a “scared straight” concept.


“The counseling sessions held by St. Croix Mission Outreach was helpful and have enabled me to view certain experiences from another perspective.  The class has helped me drastically improved in terms of “picking my battles” as well as controlling my anger”.



Despite his struggle with the English language, he paced his verbal expressions well to enable one to lucidly understand his point of view.  He was exceptionally and consistently engaged in class discussions and activities, and at times volunteered to “jumpstart” the class dialogues and activities.  He verbalized that the use of “I-Statements” entailed “…taking the long road,” yet it was evident that he was elated with the exercises that applied to this topic, “I-Statements.” 


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